I’m still so hyped about seeing her yesterday omg. No one I know IRL (aside from the two friends that went with me) gives a shit so HI TUMBLR.

I love her. And it totally makes me feel like a dirty old man.


"Whenever I see sweet rolls, boiled creme treats, or any type of sweet, I have to take it even if it means stealing. I don’t eat them; I just hoard them. My whole house is filled with the things. What have I become?"

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I have a lot more there now but… WHOEVER YOU ARE, OUR HEARTS BEAT AS ONE

Caramel Corn, Buttered Popcorn, and Kettle Corn

was that really necessary

Setting up poses for some photos and suddenly see this little shit sprinting through the back yard

Caramel Corn, Buttered Popcorn, and baby Kettle Corn.

Childhood friends Caramel and Buttered grew up together, graduated in the same class, studied at the same university, and now live together, running their respective businesses (Caramel - interior designer. Buttered - pattern/textile designer.) side by side. Despite finding success as professionals, neither were having much luck finding a husband. With the help of modern science they decided to skip that step and raise a child as they’ve done everything else - together.

These are the inhabitants of my latest house~

I’ll get better pics of them tomorrow. Good night!


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